How To Fix A Sink Hole Inside Your Lawn

Published: 01st February 2012
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Are you currently obsessive compulsive about your lawn and got frustrated whenever you discovered out that there are sink holes inside your lawn? If yes, then this post is for you. This post will teach you how to fix sink holes which have inexplicably formed inside your lawn. But first, we still need to define what sink holes are. In a nutshell, sink holes are sunken layers in the land caused by changes in material under the land's surface. While some sink holes are not a problem in some states, it is considered to be a significant issue in Florida.

If you live in Florida and sink holes inside your lawn are giving you headaches, then the very first thing you have to do, to be able to fix it, is to find what causes the sink hole formation. If the sink hole formed due to varying weather conditions or decaying large tree roots or from a driveway or walkway without the proper based material then you are able to most probably fix it by digging up the tree roots or by reconstructing the pavement using proper gravel base then covering the hole. If, however, the sink hole in your lawn is brought on by melting rocks then you will require the help of a expert sink hole repair contractor.

After determining what's causing the sink hole, you then proceed to excavate it. Make sure to dig down until the sub-layer of rock has been reached under the soil. In the event you believe you will be digging for more than a foot or two, you'll require to make some sort of canal to hold back the sides of the area you are excavating. If, nevertheless, you reached a rock or a hole that is deeper than anything you have ever seen, then make sure that you immediately inform your city or county prior to you continue to dig.

If you think the sink hole in your lawn is normal and you have reached the rock under the soil, the next step you have to do is fill the hole to avoid further erosion. Begin by putting big rocks is across the holes along with a layer of smaller rocks on top of the large rocks. Following which, put in coarse gravel till the hole is filled. Lastly, pour sand on top of the little rocks and fill within the rest with the hole with topsoil.

Following covering up the hole, what you need to do next is place a landscaping cloth on top of the gravel to prevent the sand and soil from washing down the rock layer. If you produced a canal, make sure to pull it up whilst you fill the hole. Following a couple of days, go back for your sink hole area and notice if there has been any further sinking. The soil needs to settle but not at the level of the sand. If the soil hasn't settled, continue filling the hole every day until you can seed the area once more. However, if following all the efforts of covering it up, the sink hole inside your lawn still opened, the very best factor to do would be to consult your nearby geologist or county utility. Who knows you might be facing a larger problem that can be detrimental to all those people living in your area.

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